The Mythology of the Pegasus Motor Club

The Pegasus Motor Company began life much as the mystical being itself back in depths of time when power was first measured in horses. The company’s mission was to improve on the amount of power, speed and terrain diversity that could be traversed by their ‘vehicles’.

Many experiments, mostly by trial and error followed until a magical bean was discovered. A discovery that lay dormant to the rest of the world until the 11th century, and even later until the 19th century when the mystical properties of this bean were isolated and its scientific properties revealed.

This magical bean, not only added increased stamina, alertness, power and speed, but as Bellerophon discovered during the battle with Chimaera, caffeine also gives you wings …..

Demonstration of CROSSMEMBER

The links through to CROSSMEMBER are at the bottom of this page – but please read this before you travel through to the demo membership system.

This simple “club” website demonstrates the simplicity of integrating CROSSMEMBER into your own website, and shows how the colours and branding of this “club” website are brought across to CROSSMEMBER to give a similar look and feel for your members. Integrating with your own club website is is as simple as inserting a link into a page. Below are four linked images for four different user actions, but first an important note if you want to try all of them out.

Important note…

In order to get the right experience, when you switch between any of the actions below, always LOGOUT. This is because the membership system will remember you for upto 48 hours if you don’t. This is especially important if you pretend to be different members each time.

New Joiner

The first image takes you to your dedicated signup page. If you select payment by PayPal, the system will update immediately as though payment were made – to avoid taking you to PayPal. As the new membership record is updated automatically, it can be renewed using the next image link.

Renew Membership

The second image takes you to your renewal process.

To keep your members details secure, you need to know your membership number, last name and postcode in order to renew a member. If you signed up on the ‘New Joiner’ page then use those details.

So that your members can renew without signing into the membership system, the only thing they need to provide is their membership number, last name and postcode. So, if you created a new member in the previous step, make sure you remember those details.

View my Membership

The third image allows your members to view their own membership record and update their own details.

To keep your members’ details secure, you must use a valid email address that is both in the database, and one to which you have access to the mailbox. Use the member that you created in the ‘New Joiner’ section.

The only thing they need is the email address that is on their membership record. Entering the email address will send an email with a special link that will remain valid for up to one day. The link in the email will only give access to their club membership record. The member’s club record will allow them to update their details, add/remove vehicles, add/remove family members and renew or rejoin the club.


This is where your membership secretary (and perhaps the committee) will find the real benefits of CROSSMEMBER. From here you can view, filter and report on all of your club. The login credentials are shown below, so login and take a good look round.

Use the login credentials: username: demo-pegasuspassword: medusa. There is a test database already installed of 2000 members. All details are fictitious so the Google Map integration may or may not work depending on how accurate the fictitious data actually is. Don’t worry about making any changes, the database will be reset on a regular basis.

If you’re interested in CROSSMEMBER and what it can do for your club, send us a contact message to register your interest and we’ll keep you informed of all developments. If you have any questions or ideas, why not head over to our new Support Forum and start a discussion.